The new mobile games: top of the best

The smartphone has finally ceased to be an “embarrassing” gaming platform. Yes, cell phones are not as good as PCs and consoles because of their limited choice. But it only seems that way. This market has hundreds and even thousands of worthy games, some of which were released by famous developers and if you are still confused How do you acquire Sleeves in MTG Arena? Visit the online shop MTGA Codes. They have all of them!

We have tried to collect the most notable, high-quality, and exciting games that you can kill time with before going to sleep, expecting to withdraw money from India casino or during the trip to work. Some of them are free, some of them you’ll have to buy. Among them:

  • Warhammer 40,000;
  • The Witcher: Monster Slayer;
  • Marvel Future Revolution and others.

Warhammer 40,000: Lost Crusade

Mobile strategy on the famous universe boasts a vast number of fans and its beautiful extensive lore. So naturally, the Nuverse studio has tried to convey all the atmosphere, which is so attractive to players, and in this, they helped Games Workshop license. Thanks to her, this strategy was able to please fans with a familiar design, music, and combat units. 

The game mechanics are pretty simple for those who have played at least once in a mobile strategy—erecting new buildings, constantly farming resources, expanding your domain, hiring units, and controlling them in battle with enemies in real-time – all you have to do to restore your fleet for the resumption of the interrupted crusade.

Magic: The Gathering Arena

The ancestor of the KKI genre has made its way to smartphones, allowing fans of the original to play the classic card strategy game from anywhere with only a smartphone at their fingertips. The game is also friendly to newcomers, offering them tutorials and AI battles before engaging in combat with seasoned fans.

The smartphone classic invites players to create their unique style of play with 15 decks of cards or assemble their decks to total domination over their opponents. And a variety of different modes-formats will not allow you to get bored with monotonous gameplay.

Punishing Gray Raven

Fans of mobile anime slashers this year were able to get a “second” Honkai Impact 3rd. They are offered to control a squad of biomechanical heroes armed with various weapons and ready to fight with any opponent they meet on their way. 

The squad consists of three fighters who can switch between them depending on the situation. All characters are divided into three simple classes – attack, tank, and support. Since this is a role-playing action, it is familiar to many pumping heroes; their weapons and memories act as other combat enhancers. However, don’t forget about such a thing as mechanics, which will try to sneak into your wallet, so you need to be careful with this game.

The Witcher: Monster Slayer

Most likely, many fans of Andrzej Sapkowski and the series of games from developer CD Projekt RED have had thoughts about how he would confront horrible creatures like the Witcher. Thanks to this augmented reality mobile game, they have a great chance to hunt monsters and rid their hometown of their existence.

Suppose you are familiar with another augmented reality game like Pokémon GO. In that case, you will understand the essence of the game, where instead of catching monsters from your pocket, you will have to destroy terrible creatures from the universe of The Witcher, using swords, special potions, oils, and other means at hand. For those who are “out of it”: here, the game map will be superimposed on the real one, allowing your avatar to move in the same direction as you. 

KonoSuba: Fantastic Days

The world’s first mobile game about the funny and unusual company of heroes has become famous worldwide thanks to the anime series “May this beautiful world be blessed!”. And if you haven’t watched it, I recommend you do so over the upcoming New Year’s holidays. And now we’re going to talk about the game itself based on this media franchise.

You, as the player, are called into the fantasy world to save it from the Demon King’s army. You’ll have a squad of heroes with unique abilities at your disposal, and the battles will be fought wall-to-wall in a unique combination of turn-based real-time combat. There are also special mechanics and an auto-battle system. Of course, this game is intended for fans of the manga serial, who will meet familiar characters and find themselves in all the ridiculous situations here. But also newcomers may be interested in its simplicity and beautiful graphics. And if you are bored with mobile games, Blackjack online in India can be an exciting solution.

Alchemy Stars

It is an original story with an exciting fantasy world, a unique turn-based strategic combat system, and a beautiful graphical component – all this makes this mobile game stand out from the rest.

Though the plot is original, at the same time, it is somewhat formulaic. You are the only survivor of an ancient civilization that accidentally wakes up from its long sleep, and now your task is to save the world from the impending threat. A squad consisting of Aurorians (inhabitants of this world), who belong to a particular element that plays a vital role in battles, will help you in this. When fighting, they take place on a field divided into several cells, each with a different color (element). 

Marvel Future Revolution

Who hasn’t heard of the Marvel universe these days, filled with many superheroes and villains? Nowadays, there are a lot of fans of this brand all over the world, so Chinese developers didn’t miss a chance and decided to create a mobile game with impressive high-quality UE graphics, iconic characters, and an open world.

The story here revolves around a massive disaster called “Convergence,” which unites several worlds and brings the chance of destroying all the dimensions. A special squad of superheroes is created to counter this, and the player is offered a choice of one of their members. Real-time battles in familiar locations, various missions to save humanity, the development of iconic characters, a vast selection of different costumes with the possibility of combination, PvP-modes, and other exciting things we’re able to attract not only fans of the Marvel universe, but also ordinary users who want to enjoy the high-quality game.

The new mobile games top of the best1

Pokemon UNITE

A mobile multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) based on the popular universe with pocket monsters. You won’t find Ash, Brock, Harry, and other characters here, but you’ll be able to control familiar Pokémon.

As in other similar genres, the gameplay here is to defeat the enemy in a 5v5 battle, destroying his turrets and getting to his base. Except that there are some peculiarities here: instead of buildings, there are rings in which you need to throw “balls with points” to destroy them and move on. Pokémon earn points by defeating neutral monsters or taking them from defeated opponents. Your pokémon also evolves naturally during the match, allowing it to develop and learn new skills and its ultra boost.

PUBG: New State

This battle royale requires no special introduction, as all fans of competitive shooters are familiar with the acronym “PUBG.” However, this mobile game is designed exclusively for smartphones, unlike its original.

The gameplay here boils down to the same goal – to stay alive in a battle between 100 players on one giant map. Among the features is that, as the developers call it, this “next-generation battle royale” offers fans of the genre and the series to play in the setting of the future with drones and appropriate vehicles and weapons. Also, part of the new version is advanced rendering technology and an improved shooting system designed for more realistic graphics and dynamic firefights.


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