1. Zoom Cloud Meetings

The year 2020 has all been about staying at home because of the corona pandemic. The people of all around the world are affected by it, but one of the most affected is the students and the whole education system. Because of the lockdown in every country, all the schools, colleges and other institutions have also ben shutdown.

Zoom cloud meetings app has resulted in a great success at this time. Schools and colleges have been conducting online video conferences for conducting daily classes for students which has been very helpful for both the students and teachers and the Zoom Company itself. In 2019 zoom app had approx. 1.99 million users while in 2020, thanks to coronavirus (Bernstein says). The company’s CEO ERIC YUAN said earlier this month that people have been using the app at a record rate.

2. Home workout – no equipment

Home workout –no equipment app is one of the most used fitness apps which took a rise in 2020. During this pandemic many people have been concerned about their health at fitness as they have been staying at home all day. Some of us have dumbbells, treadmills, barbells and other exercise machines and equipment to stay fit at home but most of us don’t. Home workout apps have helped out many of us by providing a way to exercise more effectively and easily by staying at home. The app can perform many functions such as allowing the users to set a fitness goal for a specific amount of time, tracking calorie intake to maintain a healthy diet, gathering various workout exercises and ideas to avoid spending money on fitness equipment and machines, giving fitness advice and nutrition plans approved by professionals.

3. Paytm

Paytm is an Indian –commerce payment system and financial technology based in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. It offers online transactions and payments like mobile recharges, utility bill payments, travel, movies, and event bookings as well as in-store payments at grocery stores, restaurants, parking, tolls, pharmacies and educational institutions with the Paytm QR code or mobile number. Cashless payments and transactions are preferred in 2020, and Paytm has resulted in a great success in doing that.  Paytm founder Vijay shekhar Sharma said the company is witnessing up to 3.5X growth in transactions amid covid-19 as users turned to digital payments to make payments in safe manner. However most of the people in the country think that online payments and transactions are not safe and trusted, Paytm provide 100% user safety payments ad transactions also providing cashback offers as an additional gift to the users.

4. Netflix

Netflix as an entertainment platform has always been the star for the people who loves to watch movies and TV shows but are unable or not willing to go the theatres to watch them. Many of us prefer to stay at home and watch movies on Netflix rather than spending money outside in theatres. But due to home confinement, the user rate of Netflix has added 15.77 million paid international subscribers. However the covid-19 pandemic has caused Netflix to pause the majority of its production around the world due to government lockdowns, the company has gained more than it has lost in the year 2020. People who are fond of spending their free time watching movies and TV shows but can’t step outside, have made a fair share in the growth of Netflix this year.

5. Pubg mobile

Pubg mobile is one of the highest rating online gaming apps in almost every country developed and published by PUBG CORPORATION of South Korean video game company Bluehole. The game has been on top since it was released and has an increased growth due to the pandemic of covid-19. Pubg mobile is one of the best-selling and most-played video games of all time. The game has sold over 70 million copies by 2020, with pubg mobile having been downloaded over 600 million times. Although it has been dealing with some ban issues in India and some other countries, pubg mobile is still one of the favourite games of professional gamers and streamers. Some countries have banned this game due to their specific reason but you can still play Pubg mobile game by installing any free vpn for android from Play Store.

6. Snapchat

Snapchat is an American multimedia messaging app developed by snap Inc. People turn to Snapchat as a way to stay connected with people face to face. In 2020, more than any other social media platform, Snapchat has grown more than 50% during late march compared to late February. During the same period group chat engagement has also been increased more than ever. The number of snaps sent between people has reached new height exceeding snapchats’s typical peaks on Christmas and other major holidays. Snapchat has gained 11 million daily active users in the first months of 2020 bringing the total count to 229 million. Apparently like every other app, users are finding new ways to stay occupied on Snapchat which is proved by time spent on AR lenses, games. Also time spent on Snapchat playing games and engaging in new filters has been higher than ever.


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