What is the online calculator for the site and where to get it

The online calculator is a software product of, which allows users to calculate the cost of a purchase or order of a service on the merchant’s website, taking into account various parameters and characteristics. Thus, the visitor can independently estimate the final cost of the product or service he is interested in without communicating with a manager and make a decision about the purchase.

A huge number of business sites in various fields need calculators:

  • construction (to calculate materials or the cost of repair work);
  • Credit and investment (to calculate the amount of contributions, interest rates);
  • realtor sites (for choosing available housing and office options); why
  • cleaning (to calculate the cost of cleaning services);
  • sites of cafes and restaurants (for drawing up menus, ordering meals), etc.
  • To create a calculator, like any other program, you need to know programming languages. Therefore, previously such functionality had to be ordered from web studios or freelance programmers.

Webmasters who independently develop sites on one of the CMS (content management system) can find and install the appropriate plugin on their resource.

In recent years, services have started to appear, allowing you to create calculators of goods and services in a few clicks, without any special knowledge and skills. This can be done for free or with minimal investment.

The advantages of creating an online calculator using online designers

  1. The benefit. Self-development and updating the form will save on expensive programming services.
  2. Quickness. Creating a calculator with the constructor will take a maximum of a few hours, even for novice Internet entrepreneurs.
  3. Convenience. With ready-made tools the user builds in the visual editor of Online Calculator completely adapted to their own needs.

Functions of the buttons of the online calculator

[ x ] – multiplication, [ ÷ ] – division, [ + ] – addition, [ – ] – subtraction;

[ % ] – interest calculation;

[ MU ] – work with markup;

[ 00 ] – entering 2 zeros;

[ 0 ], [ 1 ], … [ 9 ] – number keys;

[ → ] – delete last digit;

[ +/- ] – change mathematical sign of the number to the opposite one;

[ √ ] – calculate the square root;

[ M+ ] – store result in memory, with [ + ] sign;

[ M- ] – store result in memory, with [ – ] sign;

[ MR ] – display the memory on the display;

[ MC ] – reset memory;

[ AC ] – reset calculator and memory;

[ C ] – reset the calculator, without clearing memory.

Example of using the online calculator

School problem

The physics problem asks you to calculate the displacement of a body in equi-accelerated motion. This is a simple problem, all variables are given, which you need to substitute in the formula:

S = S0 + Vo × t + (a × t2)/2

Using an ordinary calculator, you would first need to calculate the value of (a × t2)/2, then Vo × t, and only then sum up all the terms of the expression. Using a one-line calculator, this is much easier to do. Let the initial coordinate S0 = 2, the initial velocity Vo = 20 m/s, the time of motion t = 10 s, and the acceleration of the body is a = 2 m/s2. Knowing the values of all parameters we can write these values in the line according to the formula and make calculations. Let us write it taking into account the calculator syntax, in which the multiplication sign is written as * (asterisk):

S = 2 + 20 * 10 + (2 * 102) / 2 = 213

The calculator instantly calculated the expression, and we calculated that the body traveled 213 meters.


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