7 Amazing Benefits of Cupping

Often referred to as ‘hijama’ in Arabic terminology, wet cupping is a traditional treatment that helps with musculoskeletal problems such as muscle tightness, muscular pain or soreness. From athletes to celebrities, hijama in Karachi is a popular sought therapy. There are many different forms of cupping therapy, but wet and dry cupping is one of the most popular ones. It’s not just used for treating muscle soreness, there are many other benefits of using both wet and dry cupping as a combination.

There is Boost of Blood Circulation

Cupping drastically increases circulation in the body. Usually this works in cupping massage therapies, where a plastic suction cup is placed on the body’s pressure point. As soon as the cup is placed the cup acts as a suction pump for the blood in that particular skin region. This suction helps in increasing the circulation of the blood. Further this blood flow can help relieve muscle tension and also promote a healthy cell repair. A healthy circulation also helps in reducing the appearance of cellulite on skin.

Cupping helps in releasing of toxins of the Body

Toxins removal plays a very important role in a healthy metabolism. There are some organs in our body that help in relieving the toxins of your body. Yes, there are organs that relieve their organs through blood. Cupping helps with giving your body a boost in releasing the toxins. The built-up toxins are released through the lymphatic system for eliminating of body’s toxins and metabolic waste.

Cupping helps with Anxiety

Wet-cupping is most popular among people for helping in reducing anxiety. When wet-cupping is induced a parasympathetic nervous system is engaged that promotes deep relaxation in your entire body. Massage Cupping is also a popular technique that helps in gliding the cups over skin for releasing stress in the body. Some other benefits to cupping includes, assisting in digestion, helping with intestinal and gland activity and helping with slowing your heart rate.

Cupping can help with Skin Scars and Stretch Marks

Usually in case of sin scarring and stretch marks, excessive edema (fluid) in your skin is removed that helps with reducing the appearance of scars. Since cupping also helps with restoring lymphatic circulation, an increased blood flow is good for improving the overall texture of your skin. There are many places such as haleem hospital that provides dry cupping especially for the purpose of improving skin issues. Studies have also shown that cupping can have a positive effect on marks and scars where the cups are applied.

Improvement in Varicose Veins and Spider Veins

Varicose Veins is a condition where valves do not effectively push the blood from muscle back to the heart. This causes blood congestion which in return results in twisted and bulging veins. Cupping of the blood helps with bringing fresh blood flow and oxygen to the problem areas. This helps in easing the appearance of varicose veins. You can feel a very clear visibility from the first session of cupping.  Dry cupping is the best recommendation for removing the appearance of varicose veins.

Cupping helps with Congestion and Asthma

Congestion is a common problem that can be due to the cold, asthma or bronchitis problems. At times there is a buildup of fluid or phlegm in your lungs that can lead to stubborn congestion. The cups usually help with breaking and expelling congestion in the skin. Cupping in this context can also help with other respiratory issues such as asthma. Cups are usually placed on your back, but in such cases they may be placed on your chest area too. Dry cupping is more recommended for congestion as it helps in making the movements across the body in a massage like manner. For easing up with congestion many people also opt for facial cupping for helping with sinuses issues.

Cupping will clear Colon Blockages and Helps in Digestion

As mentioned earlier, cupping can engage the parasympathetic nervous system that increases the blood flow through your digestive tract. Gentle cupping over the abdomen is required for stimulating the insides of digestive organs. It helps with colon blockages, peristalsis and overall aids in relieving indigestion.

Why can Cupping work for you?

Cupping is often sought of as an ancient practice which is why it is often encouraged in many traditions as a healing practice. Consistent cupping sessions can help you with your health issues holistically. Make sure you are getting your sessions from the right specialist as having the right technique can be tricky. 


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