Can I Use Out-of-Date Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen?

When the warmer months of the year roll around and you don’t use UV protection on a regular basis, it can lead to you reaching for Blue Lizard sensitive sunscreen that’s been sitting in a cupboard for months or even years at a time. Sure, you’re supposed to use it every day, but not everyone does.

What this raises is a question that you need to know in this kind of scenario. Is it ok to use sunscreen that’s gone past the use by date on the packaging? Can you happily go ahead and use it or is it simply no longer fit for purpose?

So, before you start throwing bottles of the stuff away, let’s look at the facts.

Is Blue Lizard Sensitive Sunscreen Something That Expires?

There’s something of a misconception out there that sunscreen doesn’t really expire and the ‘best before’ dates on the bottle are just for show. However, in reality, it’s a mistake that comes with some pretty hefty penalties – namely skin aging, wrinkles, dark spots and cancer.

Sunscreens of this type go through extensive FDA testing to ensure they provide the right protection and while most will still be effective for 24-36 months after they’ve been manufactured, the quality does incrementally diminish over time. 

The harsh fact of the matter is that you can’t rely on out-of-date sunscreen, no matter what brand you happen to be using.  

The Risks Involved In Using Expired Sunscreen

When using Blue Lizard sensitive sunscreen, the SPF displayed on the bottle can no longer be completely relied upon. The risks involved relate to the fact that expired zinc oxide sunscreen is going to offer reduced SPF protection – something that drops even more over time. 

What’s more, mineral sunscreens are created from some ingredients that don’t mix that well together, such as oil and water. This naturally ‘layers’ when left for a long time and while proper shake can rectify this to a degree, it’s not certain to be blended as well as it was when it was made.

Even if your sunscreen is only a few weeks past its use by date, you should avoid applying it, for all the same reasons already mentioned.

It’s Simple : Don’t Use Out-of-date Sunscreen 

So, the answer to the million dollar question, is no, you shouldn’t use sunscreen that’s past its prime, as you and your family’s skin will suffer. With a reduced SPF, your Blue Lizard sensitive sunscreen just isn’t going to protect you in the way it was designed to.

Having healthy, young-looking skin requires that you take the necessary steps to protect yourself against UV damage. Especially where your kids are concerned, sunburn can greatly increase the chances of issues like cancer later in life, so it isn’t worth the risk.

When all you’re talking about is a visit to the store to buy a new bottle, the potential damage caused by using expired sunscreen is crucial. It can be tempting to chance it, but that’s a gamble that you really don’t want to lose. 


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