Cards Against Star Wars: May The Laughs Be With You!

Following the massive success of the hilarious and creative card game, Cards Against Humanity, we now have Cards Against Star Wars! Based on the Star Wars franchise, sharing the context while making chaotically absurd scenarios, this party game is targeting one of the world’s largest fanbases.

The game that has become the new favorite of Gen Z, millennials and even boomers guarantees a stomach that’ll hurt from laughing too hard.

What is Cards Against Star Wars?

Cards Against Star Wars is a card game that is based on the original Cards Against Humanity, but as the name shows, it is centered around the entire franchise of Star Wars. You can find more info about it at the official shop. For those who haven’t played Cards Against Humanity, here’s an overview of what you missed:

The game involves two decks of cards. One of these decks consists of cards that have a series of unfinished scenarios. The other deck has randomized, absurd and absolutely chaotic answers that can be considered offensive, rude, brutal or something else by some.

What you can expect from the game is dark humor that is based on historical, political, social and even religious affairs. That is why it’s recommended that you don’t introduce the idea of playing the game with someone who can’t handle it, e.g. parents, children, pre-teens, late boomers, etc.

Cards Against Star Wars May The Laughs Be With You 2

How Do You Play Cards Against Star Wars?

Just like Cards Against Humanity, Cards Against Star Wars involves distributing an equal number of random answer cards among all the players.

After a toss, the person (X) who gets the first turn draws a scenario card and reads it out loud. All the other players will have to use the random and absurd answer cards they have and try to make it as funny and weird as possible.

Once everyone has selected their preferred cards, they pile it up in a random order and give it to Person X (who drew the scenario card). Person X reads aloud all the answers (the funniest part of the game), and chooses the one they liked the most. Since X doesn’t know which card belongs to whom, they can’t show any bias except for their own leanings in humor. The person who is selected by X now draws the scenario card and the game continues.

What Makes Cards Against Star Wars Fun?

There’s not a lot of people in the world who aren’t Star Wars fans or even remotely aware of the franchise. Sure, these people might not get all the inside jokes from the franchise, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the game with die-hard fans.

Whereas, people who love Obi Wan Kanobi, Chewbacca, Princess Leiya, Yoda, Darth Vader, etc. are in for a neverending treat. Already, millions of fans around the world have appreciated the game for helping them kill time in the most funniest ways possible.

You can order your card game of Cards Against Star Wars and spend your time at home, with friends or even during travels having incredible fun!

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