How Can You Swap Litecoin to Bitcoin? Converting ETH to BUSD

Nowadays, swapping Litecoin to Bitcoin is not an issue because these two coins are among the most popular ones and they are supported on all platforms. So, theoretically, you can just open any website, choose the coins to sell and to buy, and complete your transaction.

Practically though there are some details that are better to consider if you want to avoid disappointments and the loss of money.

First of all, choose a legit platform that works reliably. Legit means that it shall be registered in a jurisdiction, and basically, it doesn’t matter which one as long as it operates in your country legally. 

Further, make sure that the platform is not only legit but works properly. We know many examples when registered and absolutely legally operating platforms are not willing to resolve the issues their users are facing or just leave their users unattended when a problem arises. That’s why it is important to ensure the platform can be relied on in case something happens. So, we recommend reading reviews online to make sure the platform reacts to the complaints of their users and tries to resolve the issues.

If you see that there are some issues that persist, be ready to deal with them when you start using the platform to swap ETH to BUSD or any other supported coin. If you are ready to do so, go on. But if you believe that it might be too challenging for you or the issues mentioned by users are not the ones you are willing to deal with, it is better to look for another platform.

Further, ensure the platform supports all the coins you might be interested in. If not, look for alternative places to swap coins that are not supported. 

Contact the company’s customer support to check whether they are available to help. Ask them whatever you need to ask, invent some problems and request them to help you. If you like the way they communicate, move on and start swapping. If there is something you do not like, we recommend selecting a different resource. 

For some users, the interface has a secondary role. While for others, it is extremely important. If you believe that a user interface constitutes a significant part of user experience, check whether you like how it works. Make sure the website navigation is smooth and pleasant, check whether everything is straightforward. If there are details that you do not like or that seem to be confusing, you also might want to check alternatives. 

The Swapping Process Shall Be Effortless

Now, let us have a look at how to exchange your coins. The entire process shall be straightforward and not to pose any complications. Some platforms might request you to register an account while others do not. If you choose an instant exchange such as LetsExchange, you will not be asked to register an account mandatorily. Instead, you will be able to move directly to swapping the coins. 

The entire exchange process is very easy and looks like this:

  • You provide the coins to sell and to buy, and indicate the sum to sell.
  • Further, you indicate the receiving address (there, you will get the exchanged coins).
  • After that, you make a deposit needed for the swap.
  • Then, you check all the information and confirm the exchange once you make sure everything is correct. 

Some platforms offer to download a receipt while others do not have such an option. Normally, your coins are sent to your receiving wallet within seconds. After that, you can move on with the next swap.

Bottom Line

While nowadays, it is not difficult to find a platform where to exchange your coins, finding the best one might be pretty challenging. Therefore, make sure you entrust your money to a reliable service. 


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