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Korea Introduces Plenty of Entertainments and Activities Which Can Introduce Income Also

Korea is a country of embellished tradition and culture. They are very contemplative about their traditional background and adamant about preserving the—same in sports. Moreover, people are using 토토사이트. The traditional sports and games are sundry. Each game is with its unique way of entertaining the mass. These games have been going on for ages, passing from generation to generation. Though there are several games, we will be talking about some of the famous traditional sports of Korea.


Board games have always been a fun activity for spending fun family time. Even when guests come around, it is no short of fun and frolic. Yutnori is such a board game providing entertainment. It is played with four sticks, and it’s played between 2 players or two teams (each team two players). The sticks are rolled like dice, which have five outcomes: Do, Geol, Gae, Yut and mo. Getting Out and Mo gives you an extra roll. If the board piece falls on opponent territory, you have to start over again. However, if it falls on yours’s the pieces can go together. The team that moves all four pieces around the board first wins. It is played on the first day of New Year.


It is more of a provincial game but very popular among the entire community. This sport is almost like a tug of war; 2 Dongchae (pillar-like structure made from wood or rice straw) is used to thrust into the opposing team. If you make the leader fall or let the Dongchae touch the opposing team’s ground, you win.


Identical to Japanese sumo wrestling, this game stepped at first in the ancient tribal states. Later it got a promotion to national levels. It requires both strength and technique. It is played in a sandy ring where two opponents face each other. If you make your opponent fall, you score a point.

Kite flying

It may not be an engaging sport, but it’s one of the oldest traditional games in Korea. It is usually a winter game played mainly by children and adults. The kite is made with bamboo sticks by bending into different shapes. Then, the kite is attached to a thread spiralled onto a reel. The creative part of this game is decorating and making various types of kites. You can draw designs and mandalas on the kite as well. The fun part is the kite fight, where one kite is used to cut the thread of another kite.


At first, this used to be a game played by the upper-class society and wealthy people. But now, this is a game for people from all over society. It has a resemblance to horseshoes. In this game, the players have to shoot arrows at a narrow wooden jar, and the winner is determined by the number of arrows thrown into the jar.

These are some of the traditional sports among many others, like taekwondo, another national sport of Korea. Therefore, we should know more about the culture of various nationalities and learn about their traditional sports and games.


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