Purified and Healthy Water with Water Ionizing System

Investing in a Water Ionizer is a long-term and great investment. Simultaneously, the water ionized is not only a suitable appliance for you but for your pets too. Water Ionizers are highly effective in improving the quality of water. Hence, it transforms the water into clean and better-tasting water. Thus, if you are the one who needs contaminants-free water and an alkaline pH level of water then a water ionizer for home is the right choice for you.

Water Ionizers And Their Function

A Water Ionizer is an appliance that raises the pH level of the drinking water with the help of electrolysis. Hence, it separates the incoming downpour of the water into the acidic components and alkaline components. The alkaline water produced delivers an antioxidant and medium rich in electrons for consumption while the acidic property of water provides oxidizing water. Therefore, this acts as a cleanser or will act as an antibacterial agent. Furthermore, the alkaline water produced to some extent reduces the effect of oxidation on the human body. Additionally, it also offers the bulk of nutrients like energy, detoxification, and an enhanced level of hydration.

How Does Water Ionizer Operate?

Water Ionizer operates to enhance the alkaline property of the water by changing its pH level. Next, the water treated by the ionizer appliance is called ionized water. Water Ionizing appliances are electronic filter units with either metal or plastic material. The appliance is basically of the toaster size and comprises the essential components that are vital to alkaline the water. At first, the appliance is connected to the water supply in the kitchen. Thus, this way the water ionized will ionize all the taps water before you drink, clean, or cook using the same water. Here is a special attachment that directs the tap water from the faucet using a plastic hose into the water ionizer system.

Now, the process of electrolysis starts here. Minerals like calcium and magnesium are restored into the hydrated form of minerals. This process is known as electrolysis. Therefore, after the water passes through the faucet it works on filtering the water against harmful contaminants like pathogens, chemicals, harmful metals, etc. Next, this filtered water will pass into the chamber equipped with platinum-coated titanium electrodes that are charged electromagnetically.

Further, the negative electrons will attract the positive ions present in the water. Now, the negatively charged ions will attract at the positive electrodes which creates the reduced water and oxidized water and stored separately in the water ionizing system. Furthermore, the ionized water and oxidized water will come out of a separately designed plastic hose directing to the sink. It will pass directly out of the faucet. Now, the reduced ionized water can be used for cooking or drinking. Further, the oxidized water can be used for washing dishes, cleaning hands, food, utensils. Also, it can be used for cleaning & treating minor wounds.

Moreover, the oxidized water or reduced ionized water in the ionizing appliance comprises the different minerals. Generally, the water ionizer breaks the mineral carbonate in half in the drinking water. Therefore, it divides the carbonates and minerals in the water. The carbonate sets in acid water and the minerals sets in alkaline water.

Factors To Analyze When Buying A Water Ionizer

When it comes to the purchase of Water Ionizer, the market is filled with ample options. The different water ionizer models may vary in features and performance depending upon your needs. Therefore, here are some best points to consider before purchasing water ionizers.

  • Efficient Filters: Various Water ionizers models in the market are available with inbuilt water filters. It is beneficial as it allows the removal of contaminants like chlorine or lead from the water and making it safe to drink. Thus, the efficiency of the inbuilt filter in various ionizer models may vary. However, you also need to consider the lifespan of the filter. Mostly the filters last up to 6-12 months. The regular changing of the filter is vital to avoid the build-up of sediments
  • Plates: Your water ionizer must comprise platinum-coated titanium plates. The plates play the role of converting the water from acid form to alkaline. The more plates, the better will be its proficiency in alkalizing the water. Cheap models comprise around 5 plates while expensive models comprise around 11 plates and consume more electricity
  • Range of pH: The pH level ranges from 1-14 where 1 is considered as highly acidic and 14 is highly alkaline. Water having pH 7 is considered natural. Different water ionizers offer flexibility to adjust the pH level of the water as per the need
  • ORP Range: ORP states oxidation-reduction potential. It refers that how effectively the water ionizer reduces oxidation levels and oxidizes internally. The lower will be the ORP range, the healthier water will be generated by the water ionizer.


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