The defunct Pro40 competition

The defunct Pro40 competition

There are many well-established cricket competitions in England. The website can be used to wager on all of them. However, there have been many championships that have disappeared over the years. One of them is the NatWest Pro40 League.

Also known just as the Pro40, it was a tournament that featured one-day matches where teams that normally took part in the County Championship played. This competition lasted between 1969 and 2009. Three teams are tied as the most winning squads of the tournament. They are:

  • Essex;
  • Kent;
  • and Lancashire.

All those squads are available to wager at the 1xBet online bookmaker. Those county clubs won the Pro40 on 5 different occasions.

The former Sunday League

Prior to the Pro40 there was another cricket competition known as the Sunday League. This tournament also featured one-day matches. As its name implies, the matches of this competition used to be played on sundays. However, the competition was later reorganized in order to play matches at other times of the week. Punters can make bets on kabaddi and cricket by going to the 1xBet bookmaker, which can be done on all the days of the week.

Because of this change in the day of the week when the matches were played, it was decided to drop the name Sunday League. Officially, the Pro40 was launched as a new tournament. However, in broader terms, it was simply the Sunday League which received a new name. The 1xBet website is excellent for making bets on cricket as well as on kabaddi, and many competitions that take place in England are also featured.

Two separate leagues

During most of its existence, the Pro40 competition had two different leagues of nine teams each. In most editions of the tournament there was a system of promotion and relegation between those two instances. The website is available for wagering on all kinds of cricket tournaments and matches as well.

In addition to the teams that were mentioned before which won five squads each, there were other winners as well. For example, the Worcestershire County Cricket Club won the championship on four separate occasions.

In total, out of the 18 squads that regularly took part on the Pro40, only two of them never won it. These squads were Durham and Northamptonshire, and the 1xBet online bookmaker also features all its matches. All the other teams became champions of the tournament at least once.






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