Usage of power tools in Kenya

Mechanization of most sectors of the economy has increased the significance of power tools in Kenya. In the modern world, these tools have become alternatives to hand tools. They can work without human interference as long as they are connected to source of power.  The source of power can either be a battery or any air compressor. 

Factors to consider when purchasing power tools

The cost of buying the tool. The tool should be affordable and fitting to your budget. You should also consider accessories which come with the tool.

You should also consider the type of projects the tool will be used for. For instance if it’s a major project you may need a more powerful tool.

The type of battery used by the tool should also be considered.  It is important to buy tools that use the same type of battery so that you can be able to save money. 

Safety rating of the tool should also be considered. Do a lot of research to know how safe the power tools are by reading buyer reviews. Also check the product description so as to learn the safety measures of the tool.

Safety precautions for using power tools

Power tools can cause accidents if they are not handled properly.  In some cases the accidents are fatal. It is there therefore important to follow the following measures to avoid accidents;

Firstly, avoid dressing in loose-fitting clothes that can stick in moving machine parts. It is also important to wear eye protection screens to protect yourself from flying particles. 

Secondly, maintain the tools properly.  Follow the manufacturer’s manual on how to maintain the tools. For example on how to sharpen the edges.

Thirdly purchase tools of good quality from honourable stores. In case tools get damaged or faulty replace them immediately. Ensure that the tools in your tool box are fit for use. 

On top of that wear protective gears before engaging in any job. These gears will protect you from getting injured. The gears include hand gloves, safety boots, helmet and dust coat. 

Besides that use tools for their actual intended purpose.  Avoid performing   a task using a wrong device. This is because you can damage the device and even injure yourself or any person around.

Fasten all parts properly before using the tools to make them fit for use.

Advantages of power tools

Power tools perform tasks faster as compared to hand tools. For instance when working on a job using a hand tools you need more than two people who assist each other. This will lead you to spending alot of time on the job.  When using a power tool, you will spend less time since it has a higher speed.

The tools are energy saving. This is because most of them are electric. 

Operation of the tools does not require special knowledge. All that is needed is careful following of instructions. 

The tools are more accurate than hand tools.  This is because they do not require manipulation while in use.


They are more complicated than hand tools. This is because they have more components that drive their operation. 

There Kenyage is very risky. They have high speed and hence need a lot of energy to run. Due to their high speed sometimes they can cause deadly accidents.

In conclusion power tools have made work easier in the KENYA. Regardless of this they are dangerous if not used properly.  It is necessary to follow precaution measures when using these tools.


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