Who is the “Real Saviour” when you have a bad credit score?

A person’s credibility in the financial world always depends on a three number credit score. If your credit score hits 300 to 579 or 300 to 600 then you are landed in hot water. As with this score you can’t have better loan conditions, premium credit cards and favorable interest rates. Moreover, if you want to start a new business you are not likely to have bank loans or can’t win any lender’s trust either. 

Having a bad credit means you have very little hope for a bright future. You neither rent your favorite apartment nor have your passionate job. To deal with your financial mess you need to find out the straightforward ways as soon as possible.

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So, to get an excellent credit score you need to pay your bills on time, show responsible behavior by paying down your debt, check your credit reports regularly, choose an auto-pay payment method and keep your credit utilization lower than 30%. 

But who is the “real savior” which can help you to fix your credit score in an effortless manner also in a short time period i.e Credit Cards.

Credit Cards Are The Real Savior

To have the best Credit Cards is the smartest way to fix your bad or poor credit history within the shortest time period. They also help you to get out of the vicious financial cycle and mend your bad monetary habits. Whether you are going to have your first credit card or trying to rebuild your poor credit score, credit cards deal with every situation. All you need to do is to find the best credit card that totally satisfies your current financial condition and gives you desirable results. 

Here we will discuss some of the best credit cards that can work flawlessly when you are at your financial nadir.

Merrick Bank Credit Cards

Merrick bank offers special credit cards for those who want to rebuild their bad/no credit history. These cards are also vital for beginners who want to have a good start in the financial world. Secured credit cards are considered one of the best fixing tools for people with bad credit history that’s why Merrick bank comes up with two secured credit cards namely; The Secure Visa Credit card or The Double Your Line Secured Visa Credit Card. 

Merrick Double Your Line Secured Visa Credit Card 

People who are struggling to have a positive credit score after a bankruptcy or having bad experiences in the financial world. They can easily go for the Merrick Double Your Line Secured Credit Card as it is specifically designed for those who have bad credit profiles with 300 as their credit score. With this card you can automatically get a high credit line with a secure credit card in a little time period of seven months.

Distinguished Features:

  • No account setup fee
  • With an initial security deposit of $200 which is also considered your credit line you can double your credit limit to $400 within the limit of 7 months.
  • Unlimited access to your FICO score
  • Reports all the major financial institutes.
  • In result of your responsible behavior Merrick Double Your Line Secure Credit Card automatically increase your credit line

Additional Benefits:

Pre-Qualify in less than 60 sec:

Merrick credit cards are designed for people with bad credit history and looking for an opportunity to rebuild their credit in a short period of time. So, you can easily get your hands on a secured credit card just by clicking on, without hurting your current credit score.

24/7 customers support and $0 Fraud Liability:

With a dedicated customer service Merrick credit card also offers a refundable security deposit. You can easily refund your security deposit amount after closing your account. Moreover, you are not liable to answer any unauthorized use of your credit card. 

People that want to build their credit history from scratch or are struggling to rebuild their poor credit score can consider Merrick Double Your Line Visa Credit Card without any hesitation. As it helps you to double your credit line within the period of 7 months after signing up for the account. 

Capital One Credit Cards

Capital One credit cards are also known as one of the best repairing options for bad credit scores. These wide range cards can deal with every kind of financial upset. Also, they offer the most favorable conditions in terms of low to no annual fee, less interest rates and little security deposit. So, every person whether he is a businessman, student, or an employee of a small company can afford to have an excellent credit line within a little time period.

Capital One Spark Classic For Business

This is probably the best option for the people who own small businesses and are eager to have an excellent credit line with unlimited cash reward on every purchase. However, if you have fair or bad credit history you are likely to qualify for this card within minutes. You can also have free employee cards with unlimited cash backs on it.

Distinguish Features: 

  • No Annual Fee
  • No foreign transaction fee
  • Offer business spending tools
  • Reports all the three major financial institutes
  • Unlimited 1% cash rewards on all purchases that won’t expire until you signed off for the account.

Additional Benefits:

Pre-qualify With Fair or Average Credit Score:

This business credit card helps you to qualify within no time at Without considering your poor credit score it gives you an opportunity to seek a way to have a high credit line and strengthen your business for a long run.

Extended Warranties and Travel Assistance

Not only cash rewards this card also offers you to claim any theft and damage within the time period of 90 days on eligible items purchased from this card. Also, if you rent any eligible car through this card it gives you cover in case of damage and theft. It offers emergency medical and travel assistance for your family members and business associates.

Resultantly, Capital one Spark Classic proves to be the most valid option for small business owners. As, it not only helps you to get a high credit line with unlimited cash reward or no no annual fee but also gives you an opportunity to go ahead with your business venture.

Final Words:

With a poor credit profile you are not a worthwhile investment for any lender. Also credible banks will be reluctant to offer you any loan on favorable conditions. So, you need to get an excellent credit line as soon as possible and this can only be achieved by selecting the best credit cards moving around in the market. You need to do a thorough research to have the best card that fits your needs. To have next level information about credit cards just go at

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