10 Weight Loss Tips

Weight loss is a conundrum. There are no givens, so many myths and everything is subjective. This can make the path of weight loss from a journey about wellness, to a ride to the scary part of the town, with laments of ‘why did I bring myself down to this situation’ becoming a perpetual.

However, weight loss is not about hating the sight of your flesh, cursing yourself for eating too much, or about being frustrated. When done right, weight loss can be about self-discovery and change. The journey might be slow, but when done through healthy channels, weight loss can have a profound impact in your life. Thus, take regular meals, at intervals throughout the day, unless of course you are doing intermittent fasting, in that case make sure to learn more from Lifeapps.

Naturally when you shed off the excess pounds, you reduce the excess burden off of the body. Moreover, as you eat better, you lower the danger of chronic ailments and promote health otherwise as well. You might notice a change in your energy levels, better gut health, clearer skin.

Thus, choose a healthy way to lose excess weight rather than favoring fad diets. Embark on the journey of wellness under the guidance of an expert Dietitian in Karachi, so that you normalize your weight without jeopardizing your health.

10 weight loss tips

Some tips to help you along the way include:

1 Eat your breakfast

You might not have time for breakfast or inclination for that matter, but eating breakfast at the crack of dawn or even little later, has a great impact on your weight loss.

Not only does breakfast helps you burn greater calories through the day, but it also helps prevent unhealthy grazing that one is bound to resort to from the hunger pangs when breakfast is foregone.

2 Do not skip meals

We think that the less we eat, the faster we lose weight, however, this is an incorrect approach. There is a difference between overeating and sufficient eating. When you eat less than required, you give your body the signal that you are calorie deficient due to mortal danger like famine, that then causes body to pack the calories instead.

Moreover, starvation is also akin to torturing yourself; you should not have to deprive your body of the pertinent calories.

Thus, take regular meals, at intervals throughout the day, unless of course you are doing intermittent fasting.

3 Exercise is the way to go

A simple mathematical equation to lose weight is burning more calories than you are consuming, and you need to exercise to fulfil this condition.

Being physically active also helps in boosting metabolism. Some types of high intensity interval training also cause your body to enter the EPOCH zone, whereby more calories are burnt by the body in the aftermath of exercise.

Exercise also is important for promoting health, improving mood, and alleviating mental health issues as well.

4 Load up on fiber

Fiber is found in fruits and vegetables. It adds bulk to the diet, and thereby promotes the feeling of fullness. Adding sufficient roughage to the diet prevents overeating, as it leads to satiety.

Fiber also helps in preventing constipation and improves bowel health.

5 Portion control

Portion control is an excellent way for moderating how much you eat, and one way to do it is by using a smaller plate. It takes around 20 minutes for your stomach to make your brain aware that it is full. So, unless you plate it small, you might overeat in this period.

6 Out with the junk

If you cannot resist the temptation of having junk food around the house, doing a junk-detox is perhaps best for you. Junk foods are extremely high in calories, and these do not offer any nutritional value either.

These empty calories can be addictive, and cause spikes in your blood sugar levels as well. Packed with sodium, junk food is a bad omen, and needs to be removed.

You can replace the junk food with healthier options, like nuts, seeds, dark chocolate, unsalted home-made popcorn etc.

7 Colorful plate

To lose weight, make sure to add plenty of fruits and vegetables. They are rich in fiber, so their caloric index is low. It is also hard to overeat fruit, due to high fiber content. Research has also shown that people who eat more fruits and vegetables tend to weigh less.

So be sure to add some colorful fresh and organic vegetables to your plate.

8 Watch out for the innocuous foods

There are many ways calories sneak into our diets, majorly, the liquid ones. We drink colas, canned sweetened beverages, the fresh lemonades, smoothies and the fancy mochas, not realizing that they are packed with calories as well.

You might think that fresh fruit juice is healthy, however, it is just as bad, since it’s packed with sugar and none of the pulp or fiber to neutralize it.

Sugar in liquid form is a health hazard and needs to be avoided at all costs. So, when thirsty, go for the good old glass of water.

9 Chew slowly

Not only does chewing  facilitate digestion — not to mention it prevents choking–  but it also prevents you from eating excess. As you chew slowly, your brain can realize in due time when you are full. It also helps in the secretion of hormones linked to weight loss.

10 Stick to a plan

You should also plan your meals ahead, keeping in mind the calories you allow yourself for each day. Sticking to a plan and making meals accordingly can also help curb the temptation of a takeout or a relapse.

If you consider meal planning hard and hassle some, you can also contact a qualified Dietitian in Islamabad for a diet plan to follow.


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