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CSGO Weapon Skin : Bring enough ¥400,000

What is the rarest weapon skin in CSGO? Today I will introduce you the 5 most expensive CS weapon skins. Each weapon skin has a legendary story. As an ordinary person, you can only cast envious eyes. Well, the Best Weapon Skins CSGO list is announced below.

Best Weapon Skins CSGO Top 5

Top 5, claw knife

Price: $30,000

Crimson Web is a brand new product. The No. 59 pattern looks the cleanest when playing, and this skin is dark gold brand new, which greatly increases its rarity. At the same time, this is the only one, there is no second skin, it is unique. The current estimate is $30,000, but there is only one piece of this skin currently, and Lore is the only one who owns it, so the price of the item is determined by him,

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Top 4. Souvenir Dragon Sniper (4 titan color stickers)

Price: $100,000

With 4 TITAN color stickers on it, this one is actually an imitation. The imitation does not have 4 TITAN color stickers, but other stickers have a shiny sticker of Cloud9 clone 2014. The owner is a Chinese. In addition, this gun appeared in the 2014 C9 quarterfinals. Compared with High Quality Skins CSGO, TITAN color stickers are also a major dimension of value.

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Top 3, Dark Gold M4A4 Roar

Price: $100,000

The dark gold is brand new from the factory. Wear 0.003, and 4 ibuypower color stickers. 0.003 Dark Gold Roar is the existence with the lowest wear value at present. If it is not for Dark Gold, there is 0.002, but Dark Gold is definitely more precious than ordinary skin. This skin sold for 75,000 3 years ago, but now it costs 100,000 US dollars.

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Top 2, dark gold AK-47 surface quenching

Price: $150,000

No. 661 pattern, with 4 titan color stickers. The surface of Ak is hardened and slightly worn, but the lowest degree of wear is 0.09. The previous owner of ak sold it to Lucas for 15,000 on January 21, 2021. Lucas rented the weapon to professional player Dupreeh. That’s a sticker from 2014, and it’s worth a fortune.

Top 1, claw knife surface quenching #387

Price: $400,000

Hook intestine knife, hardened surface, factory new. No. 387 pattern, No. 387 pattern is all blue, this is a brand new 387, the only one in the world. The mechanism of this knife was 135,000 4 years ago. It is not difficult to imagine how many times its value will be doubled now. Well, now it is worth $400,000! It seems that this skin is today’s champion, and it is also the Best Weapon Skins CSGO that players want to collect most.


What is the rarest weapon skin in CSGO? Above we have shared with you the 5 most expensive weapon skins in CSGO games. Here is an explanation for novices, the price is not because it looks good, but because it can be alchemy, and the final alchemy product makes the lower-level materials more expensive. If you are interested in Best Weapon Skins CSGO, you can check out more article guides about CSGO on






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