Female Urology Problems

Bangalore, otherwise known as Bengaluru, is a huge and heavily populated city in India – with the number blowing over 12 million. With the ever-growing population, it is no surprise that the city would encounter a few issues like an increasing number of health-related problems.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of health-related professionals and facilities in the city. Bangalore has one of the best programs concerning urology. Finding the best urology hospital in Bangalore would not be much of a problem!

What Are the Common Female Urology Problems in Bangalore?

Bangalore has a good percentage of females living within its metaphorical borders. This is why the city opted to further develop their female health sections (including Female Urology programs) to better accommodate their female residents.

Urology, to start, is a field of medicine which deals with conditions and diseases that affect the urinary tract system. These include the adrenal glands, kidneys, urinary bladder, urethra, and ureters. Urology problems are quite common in males, but it is not safe to say that females are safe.

Female Urology, aka Urogynaecology, deals with the diagnosis and treatment of conditions associated with the female genitourinary tract. Some of the most common urology conditions faced by women are:

  • Overactive Bladder
  • Urinary Incontinence
  • Pelvic Prolapse
  • Pelvic Pain
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Cystitis
  • Kidney Stones
  • Kidney Cancer

Signs That Tell A Woman When to See A Urologist

The common misconception that Urologists are for males only is far from the truth. Women may also need to visit this specific type of doctor when they are experiencing urological concerns.

Urologists are trained professionals who are capable of treating problems affecting the urinary tract. They can also treat conditions regarding the reproductive system of both women and men.

Although, one may wonder when is the best time to see a Urologist. Here are a few warning signs involving the urinary tract women must look out for:

  • Overactive Bladder

At any age, women can have issues with bladder control. The medical term for this is urinary incontinence (UI). Women with UI have trouble when it comes to holding in urine, especially at times when they cough, sneeze, or exercise. This may develop after pregnancy and childbirth or when a woman ages.

  • Pain When Urinating

When someone is experiencing burning or pain when urinating, there is a chance that they may have Urinary Tract Infections or UTI. This is a common urology condition that develops when bacteria invade the urinary tract. Antibiotics can treat UTI, but it is best to consult a Urologist to make sure it is not serious.

  • Severe Pain on the Lower Back

If a person experiences severe pain on the lower backside, there is a good chance that kidney stones are the cause. Other symptoms may include stomach pain and smelly or bloody urine. It is advisable to visit a professional as soon as possible to conduct a proper diagnosis and treatment immediately.

  • Persistent UTI

Experiencing painful, burning, and frequent urination that does not go away no matter how many antibiotics are taken might mean it is not just UTI. It is a possible sign of a more severe urological condition, Interstitial Cystitis (IC) – also known as painful bladder syndrome. Consulting a Urologist is the best course of action to do.

How To Find The Best Urology Hospital In Bangalore

There are many things to consider when it comes to choosing a urology hospital, especially if the patient is living in Bangalore. It is not just about which hospital is the biggest and the most expensive one.

There are certain things to keep in mind to know which one would be the best for them. Finding the best urology hospital in Bangalore might not be a difficult task since the city is filled with some of the best healthcare professionals and facilities in the field.

It is just a matter of choosing which one. One must check their insurance to know which hospital would fall within their insurance network and avoid paying out-of-pocket costs. It is also good to check the insurance coverage.

Doing a quick internet search to know the hospitals near them is a good way to start the search. They can list down the names and even do a bit of background check by researching their history. The patients can also visit their choices for hospitals to do a bit of quality check.

It is important to know the most common urological concerns to be better equipped with knowledge on how to treat them. A great way to deal with it is by partnering up with the best urology hospital in Bangalore to overcome this health-related hurdle and concern!

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