How to Inject More Fun Into the Office1

How to Inject More Fun Into the Office

Office work culture is often criticized for being unengaging and boring. However, many companies are seeking to change that by incorporating new designs and systems in their workplace. Are you one of those offices seeking to change how you work so that your employees are more engaged and energized throughout their workday? If so, here are a few ideas to help you inject more fun into the office.

Place a greater emphasis on employee wellness with classes or challenges.

The importance of movement in the workplace has come into focus in recent years. A sedentary workforce can lead to greater fatigue and health problems down the road. Focusing on the health and wellbeing of your employees shows them how much you care, allows them to move around instead of just staring at their computer screen, and makes for better workplace culture. You can get started on these changes by looking for wellness services that streamline the process. Some of the activities you can participate in include health challenges. You encourage workers to get more active or even off-site fitness classes where everyone engages in their free time. 

Of course, you can also focus on making your workplace more conducive to movement as well. Larger companies may build their own on-site gyms where employees can squeeze in fitness during their work breaks if they find it hard to make time for the gym before or after work. You may also want to consider buying your employees some desk exercise equipment so that they can stay moving throughout the day whenever they need a break. No matter what gets them moving, it’s worth it for both them and you.

Host a gaming tournament at the office.

All work and no play will inevitably take its toll on your employees. Instead, consider finding ways to give them a break and help them bond as a department. Although this concept may not apply to every office, you could consider hosting a gaming competition for a popular game like League of Legends. You can start by creating a sign-up sheet where employees pick their favorite LOL champions like Ashe, Garen, or Amumu and other favorites, building teams that will face off against one another (you may want to give those who are playing for the first time some practice). Then, offer an award to everyone who participates, with the winners getting something especially exciting. Better yet, this type of event can be hosted virtually so you can comply with COVID-19 health guidelines and keep your team comfortable. 

Make your office activities a game for your workforce.

Over time, the work that your employees do can become a bit repetitive and mundane for everyone. Turn work into a game by offering a prize for those who hit the milestones, actively encouraging and recognizing those employees who show greater initiative and productivity, and hosting challenges where employees are encouraged to find new ways of doing things that produce the same high-quality results. Spicing things up once in a while is key to making the workplace more exciting, and turning work into a game or challenge of sorts is the easiest way to accomplish this. To supplement this idea, you can always host team outings and activities as well. 

The last thing you want in your office is employees who feel burnout and don’t have the energy to show up to work excited and ready to tackle the day. All you need to make a change is to incorporate more exciting systems into your workplace culture. If you’re prepared to make this happen, the tips above will give you some guidance on how you can make your workplace more fun. 






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