How to Keep Your House Smelling Fresh with a Dog

How to Keep Your House Smelling Fresh with a Dog

The biggest downside of pet ownership is the impact on your home’s scent and cleanliness. You wouldn’t trade your canine for the world, but you more than likely want to maintain a sparkling-clean, attractive, and inviting home.

Unfortunately, the smell of wet dog is less than appealing, which is why you must strive to improve your property’s scent. Learn how to keep your house smelling fresh with a dog.

Take Your Pooch to a Dog Grooming Salon

An experienced dog grooming salon will pamper your pooch from head to toe while improving its appearance, hygiene, and scent. Regular treatments could protect your property from foul smells, as a professional dog groomer will take the time to bathe and brush your pet pooch. Also, they will clip their nails, trim their fur, and clean their ears, which are known for housing various unpleasant smells. Your dog will then return to your home fresh and clean, which will keep your property fresh and clean for longer.

Open Your Windows Regularly

One simple yet obvious way to eliminate unpleasant smells is to open your windows for at least a few hours per day. Welcoming fresh air into the property will flush out unwanted pet odors and dog dander particles. If you are worried about your dog escaping out the window and property while the windows are open, try to keep your dog in other rooms in the house or put up a pet guard and screen to prevent them from escaping.

Use an Air Purifier

If you are worried about your dog escaping, rather than opening your windows, you could use an air purifier to create a fresh-smelling property day after day. The device works best when windows and doors are closed, as it will recirculate indoor air to eliminate bad scents. It works by pulling air into the machine, filtering any odor particles, and recirculating fresh air.

Freshen Up Your Flooring

You will be surprised by how many smells your floor will cling to each day. It doesn’t matter if you have carpet, hardwood flooring, or tiling; the surface is likely holding onto many unpleasant scents caused by your dog’s fur, dirty paws, and accidents.

Spruce up your space by taking the time to clean the flooring across your home. For example, you can deodorize your carpet naturally by sprinkling over baking soda an hour or so before vacuuming, which you would be wise to do at least once per week. If you have wood or tile flooring, sweep away dirt and dog hair regularly before cleaning the floor with a mop and antibacterial floor cleaner.

Add Dog-Friendly Plants to Purify the Air

If you are happy to tend to an indoor plant, it could be an ideal solution for a clean, fresh, and attractive interior. Indoor plants can eliminate up to 87% of volatile organic compounds in the air every 24 hours. However, you must be careful of the indoor plants you incorporate in rooms across the home, as some are toxic to dogs.

Safe indoor plants for dogs include:

  • Spider plant
  • Parlor palm
  • Ponytail palm
  • Boston fern
  • Baby tears

An attractive houseplant will improve your home’s visual appeal while creating a fresh-smelling environment for you, your family, and your guests.