IndusInd Bank instant credit cards – Features & Benefits

In today’s day and age, credit cards have become a necessity. However, it’s important to get the right credit card that will suit your lifestyle and spending habits. At IndusInd Bank, we offer four instant credit cardsLegend Credit Card, Platinum Visa Credit Card, Platinum Aura Edge Credit Card & Club Vistara IndusInd Bank Explorer Credit Card – to cater to your specific needs and requirements. These credit cards also come with a set of universal features and benefits that make them even more attractive. Read on to know what these features and benefits are.

IndusInd Bank Credit Cards – Features

IndusInd Bank credit cards have some unique features that can make managing your finances a lot simpler.

1. 100% Digital Process

Don’t have the time to wait in lengthy queues or complete elaborate paperwork for your credit card application? Then opt for a credit card with IndusInd Bank, which offers a 100% digital process. To get your credit card, visit our official website and apply for an instant credit card by submitting the required information.

2. Minimal documentation and quick approval

The documentation process to apply for a credit card with IndusInd Bank is quick and hassle-free. The online application process just requires you to fill in basic details such as your PAN number, Mobile No, and Email address to get started. After submitting the application and completing your V-KYC, you can expect to receive your credit card within 48 hours.

3. Reward points don’t expire

Every time you make a transaction using your credit card, you earn reward points that may expire after a given period. However, reward points earned using IndusInd Bank credit cards do not expire and can also be converted to cash to repay your dues.

4. International Acceptance

IndusInd Bank credit cards prepare you for a cashless future no matter where you travel. Boasting of global acceptance, IndusInd Bank credit cards can become your true companions across the globe.

 IndusInd Bank Credit Cards – Benefits

Using IndusInd Bank credit cards come with a set of benefits that strives to both support and improve your lifestyle.

1. Safe transactions

Keeping safety in mind, IndusInd Bank credit cards come with a built-in chip-based safety feature that enables you to make safe and secure card transactions anywhere in the world.

2. Keep a check on your spending

It is difficult to account for your spending habits while using cash but with credit cards, you can keep a tab on all your transactions. Moreover, you’re notified via SMS and email every time you swipe!

3. Attractive rewards

Every time you make a purchase using your IndusInd Bank credit card, you earn reward points that you could use to repay your dues. Besides this, you could also achieve complimentary business class tickets, movie theater vouchers, fuel surcharge waivers, etc.

4. Make purchases with Interest-free EMIs

With higher limits on your Indus Easy credit card, you can make big-ticket purchases without negatively affecting your finances. Splurge on whatever your desires and convert the expenditure into interest-free EMIs that you can repay according to your convenience.


IndusInd Bank credit cards are designed to suit the diverse needs of our customers. Choose the credit card most suitable for your needs and enjoy higher limits and instant approval. Visit our website and apply for your own IndusInd Bank credit card right away!

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