8 Trends and Predictions for Media and Journalism in 2021

The year 2020 was hit hard by the global pandemic. Covid 19 not only affected the overall economy but also revolutionized the trends and manners in society. The major revolution that bends the trends is in the field of journalism and media.

According to the report published by the Reuters Institute of Journalism, the following are the 8 trends and predictions for media and journalism in 2021.

Digital transformation due to covid-19

With the emergence of the pandemic in the world, digital media is being transformed. Everything that used to be on behind the camera has been now a matter of conference call. The trend of new video-conference tools and rooms is predicted to modify the media workroom.

The idea of a conference meeting will not only modify the way of debate but will also bring a new twist to the trend of journalism and conventional talks.

News-app, another trend in the field of journalism

The need for additional digital transformations and modifications in the field of journalism will urge the need for further enhanced user-friendly media design. The urge of this thing will bring up many news websites that can be operated while work-from-home strategy. This trend is in the talks of expertise and will hit the media and digital technology soon in the running year 2021. Not only websites but also the rumors of news applications are being heard. Well, the news applications will be going to be a big competition for Netflix.

Enhanced user interference and media design

Due to the addition of digital applications in the field of journalism, the big competition among media design will hit the market. This thing will bring the need for enhanced user-interference programs. Not only media but digital programmers will also be going to face huge competition in the digital media market.

Spreading covid-19 awareness

It is a well-known fact that the globe has to bear with the global pandemic for a long period. Regarding this situation, besides the trend of political and social curriculums in media journalism, covid-19 will also be an important matter of talk in the newsroom.

The need for covid-19 awareness will be suspected to get the arousal of the importance of health in the media room in the running year of 2021 that will prove to be a big trend changer.

Promotions of health journalists and medical experts

We are well known for the condition of covid-19 that smacked the world hard. The local and common journalists that used to highlight political issues will be taken over by the health journalist and medical expertise.

The main point of the deadly virus, its cause of spread, precautions regarding the virus can only be explained well by the medical journalists. This urge will bring forward many health and medical workers in the field of media and journalism and hence will become the new media-trend.

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The paid content, the new norm in the digital field

Everything has been shifted to the media in this running year. The economic clash has forced people to bring up their related field into the ground of media in the form of youtube and many other apps. The need for subscribers has bought up the paid content in the form of paid content.

This paid-content will hit a pat on the back of the journalism trend, and a lot of advertising will become the new norm in media.

An advantage to publishers and retailers

The involvement of paid content will give a great advantage to the publishers to publish their products through media. The normal media might be taken over by social media can be helpful to the publishers to promote their business and journalism-related talks.

AI, another benefit to humanity

Where Artificial intelligence is a blessing in disguise, there we can find a lot of demerits too. There was a time when AI technology was a part of big organizations only. But, the era has changed. Not only organizations but small publishers will also feel beneficial from Artificial intelligence technology.

The final words

The whole world has been turned into topsy turvy land due to this pandemic. Besides the economic and social affairs, media and journalism are also modified accordingly. Everything has been changed from news trends to AI technology. What we can do now is just hope for the best and prepare for the new trends.


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