Can I Sue My Landlord If I Got Hurt in a Shooting Incident on Their Property?

As a tenant in a rental home or apartment unit, you might not know that your lease guarantees you the right to expect some level of security from the owner. You don’t need to go to your night’s sleep worrying about the careless owner that might keep you at risk for injury or accident.

You can pursue the lawsuit against the landlord or the apartment unit if you got injured and attacked while living in the rental home, and you might also get some additional help by knowing more about shootings lawyer premises liability. There are lawyers who work on the cases involving shootings and other liabilities on certain premises, such as rental properties, and they might help you with the compensation claim when such an unfortunate incident occurred.

For instance, if the landlord failed to take the regular care and maintenance for the stairs and you got injured in the fall, or an employee of that complex attacked and stole from you, then the court might consider your landlord as negligent or responsible.

Who Will Be Held Liable If the Apartment Tenant Suffers any Physical Harm?

Who will take the responsibility if somebody shoots or attacks you in the apartment complex? Will the responsibility fall only on the perpetrator, or should you also involve the landlord to take the responsibility for the shooting incident? What should you do, and how can you get compensation for the injuries and medical costs? It depends on the specific circumstances involving the attack or shooting, as different parties might have the responsibility for such thing to happen. You need to contact the negligent security lawyer to get complete knowledge about your rights and what legal choices are accessible to you.

In some states, there is no law or regulation that holds the landlords responsible for any threats of safety for the tenants if they don’t get involved in the crimes, meaning that the responsibility will fall only on the perpetrator. However, if a landlord, whether it is the owner or the manager, has complete knowledge that there is a potential problem for the crime to happen in their apartment unit, and they still do nothing to protect the safety of their tenants, they will still need to take the responsibility for the harm suffered by the tenants and their guests for the crimes committed by the 3rd party, even more so when they’ve got alerted to the earlier criminal activity on their premises.

The Conditions of the Case will Determine Its Liability

Nobody will say whether the tenant has any valid basis for the injury lawsuit against the landlord after they got shot, without first analyzing any specific facts about the case. This might depend on various conditions surrounding the shooting, or whether the landlord and the property management firm had taken any standard security measures, or whether they had any knowledge that the crime can happen on their property.

Anybody who finds themselves in such an unfortunate situation must speak to the negligent security lawyer who can review the case and advise the injured victim when the landlord was in fact negligent. The civil case can succeed only if the victim suffered any actual compensable injuries because of the committed crime.

The Rights for the Person Injured in the Shooting Incident

Suppose you or any of your loved ones got injured during a shooting incident. You will have the rights to recover any damages through civil litigation. The civil lawsuit can go against the shooter and also the third parties who might be negligent or have any relation to the incident. Sometimes, the negligent security condition around the rental property can lead to hazardous situations, which allows for the shooter to attack over some areas of the property where it should be unreachable for the perpetrator. After receiving the notice about your rights, the landlord will need to take the right steps to prevent any future crimes from being experienced by the tenants of an apartment unit. Failure to take the right safety measures will expose the landlord to certain negligent security claims that are made by the tenants who got victimized by the crime committed in their apartment complex.

Most of the victims and families of the deceased involved in the shooting incident have selected to file the lawsuits against an estate, claiming they were negligent by leaving the rifle at home. Suppose you got attacked and shot when you are in an apartment unit, or anyone has died because of the physical attack or because of being shot in the apartment unit, you must speak with the experienced lawyer as early as possible to know about your rights that come under the law.

Final Words 

There’s no simple answer whether you can sue your landlord if you got hurt in a shooting incident on their property. The landlords have complete responsibility for keeping the tenants safe all the time. They should take the proper standard measures to ensure the safety of the tenants, such as by keeping the lights and door locks in good condition. 

The landlord might not be negligent of their estate’s security. Thus, any crime committed on their property might not be their mistakes. However, it is always good to consult with a shooting lawyer regarding the possibility of mistakes made by your landlord. In a shooting incident, you need to see from various perspectives to determine whether the landlord has any responsibility for the crime. Sometimes, they might be free from any responsibility for the incident on their property. But, other times, there might be the possibility that the landlord has a certain involvement in the shooting incident, in which he will need to take responsibility for any damages that the victim suffered because of it. 

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