The Significance of 7 Gemstones in Astrology 

When life throws challenges your way, you need a bunch of good luck to sustain through the hard times. Apart from emotional support, you seek proper healing of your mind, body, and spirit to fight against the odds. Astrology offers you a way of doing so with the help of strong and impactful zodiac stones. 

According to astrological beliefs, gemstones carry the potent metaphysical energies of various planets and transmit these vibrations into your life. As a result, you’ll experience a bout of good luck and fortune after you get in touch with a metaphysically strong crystal. 

Every crystal has a different effect on humans and astrology offers you a method to make the most of their powers. If you wonder which stones are really beneficial from astrological perspective, here they are:

1. Ruby

Representing the planet of sun, ruby is a brilliant and extremely robust gemstone. It is well-known as a stone of royalty due to its magnificent beauty and deep symbolism. Every culture has associated rubies with astrological benefits bestowed by the crystals on your life. It has a glowing hue that represents the innate fire and passion of a person wearing this brilliant gemstone. It emanates red rays that stimulate various chakras in the body. It not only stirs your blood but also increases your desires to enjoy life by activating the kundalini energies. 

Not to forget, the impact of ruby on your love life. It is considered as a perfect gemstone for weddings and engagements due to its ability to evoke passionate commitment in the couples. However, buying a perfect ruby may be challenging if you don’t follow the right ways. Always trust an established seller like GemPundit with years of experience and ability to provide the best services. You can even demand a free lab certificate from such stores when you buy gemstones online.

2. Blue Sapphire

With its celestial hues and deep astrological meanings, blue sapphire is one of the most significant gemstones found on the planet. It is an exceptional stones of royalty and wisdom that represents sacred things in the world. 

Throughout the human history, you can find citations and folklores singing the praises of its ability to heal human body and mind. It stimulates learning and psychic abilities, especially when you seek spiritual truth in life. 

When you need strength and concentration to wade through the rough waters, blue sapphire can lend you strength and give you an ability to utilize your knowledge and access deeper consciousness to fight injustice and bad luck. It also stimulates third-eye and throat chakras for holistic healings. 

3. Yellow Sapphire

Yellow sapphire or Pukhraj is one of the finest and rarest gems on the earth. Whether you seek good fortune or wisdom, this gemstone can remove hurdles from your path and lead your way to success. It is an auspicious gemstone that represents the planet of Jupiter. As such, it symbolizes wisdom, luck, health, and knowledge. 

When Jupiter goes weak in your horoscope, wearing yellow sapphire can turn the table and resolve the issues affecting your life. It is specifically beneficial for those working in economic, education, and health sectors. 

4. Emerald

When you lose hope and optimism for a bright future, you need the support offered by emerald gemstone. It symbolizes renewal, growth, and never-ending hope in the best outcomes. Emerald is an astrological crystal that represents successful love, truth, harmony, and justice. It promotes friendship and ensures domestic bliss, despite the struggles of life. 

Also, emerald gemstone is an excellent carrier of vision and intuition at various levels of consciousness. It can awaken your psychic abilities by improving intent and focus. Most importantly, this gemstone has a calming effect on distraught emotions and strong influence of artistic capabilities.

5. Red Coral

Unlike other crystals found in the earth’s crust, red coral is an organic gemstone found in the depths of the sea. It is a stone of transformation and peace that brings ocean energies to your life. Whatever evil and confusing emotions you hold in your mind, red coral can wash them away. Also, it is believed to deter negative thinking and promote honesty and positivity in life. 

As it represents the planet of Mars, red coral can improvise your leadership skills and induce determination in every endeavor you choose. Vedic astrology recommends wearing moonga or red coral if you are engaged in industries like mining, real estate, old exploration, or interior designing. 

6. Cat’s Eye

When you feel your self-discipline slipping away, wearing cat’s eye can help. It is a brilliant gemstone available in various colors that induce strong astrological influences in your life. Whether you seek wealth or mental clarity, cat’s eye can bring them easily with its strong mystical powers. It is even believed to quell the negative effects of ketu, the headless body of rahu that can cast many malefic effects on your life. This gemstone can improve your health, especially when undergoing trauma. 

Vedic astrology also believes in its ability to improve your professional life and wealth through success in every financial venture undertaken by you. When you are fighting foes, poverty, or others struggles of life, a strong gemstone like cat’s eye will be your constant companion on the road to success, recovery, and prosperity.

7. Pearl

The stunning aesthetics of pearl gemstone are associated with its unique metaphysical abilities. You can find the legends of pearls and its healing powers in ancient texts of various civilizations. Pearl has different names in every astrological belief system. But, the underlying power and meaning of this gemstone remain the same. 

Vedic astrology believes that it represents Moon planet ruling over human emotions. Hence, wearing pearl helps in controlling anger and maintain a calm demeanor. It brings mental clarity and gives a boost to your creative talents. Also, it can improve your health if you have in water-borne disease. 

These are the seven most significant gemstones according to various astrological beliefs. Wearing these gemstones can bring immense positive changes to your life. However, choose the right one can be tricky. That’s where you can seek the help of an expert astrologer who can read and interpret your birth charts to recommend the best astrological gemstones for you.


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