It is almost impossible to style a modern home without the integration of wall arts. If you are searching for a minimalist approach to redecorating your home, wall art is an awesome approach to giving your space a makeover without having to commit to a full renovation.

Give your home an upgrade by implementing the use of wall arts. At Elephant Stock, there is a vast catalog of wall arts to fit your taste and style, select your favorite picks, and simply place an order. This article will serve as a smooth transition for the moment you finally decide to give your home the makeover has long been deserved.


Abstract art can be attractively incorporated into existing prints and paintings to create an eye-catching outcome. It can be expressed in a multitude of ways, be it as an addition to an existing form of decoration, or as the principal tool of decoration.

The beauty in abstract art cannot be exaggerated; it heightens the mood and outlook of any space. It is an expandable form of art as it complements all styles of decoration, from traditional to a combination of contemporary and renaissance art.

There is a choice to be made between the use of neutral and vibrant prints. It is best to go with the print that complements the existing style of decoration. Abstract wall art complements a wide range of home decoration techniques and aesthetics.

Ensure your wall is big, visible, and attractive enough to command attention at first glance. It doesn’t take up the whole space in the room with its bold features; it elevates the beauty in the overall aesthetics.


Style is often the most asked question by most wanting to make a statement with home decoration. Style is unimaginably important, that level of importance should also be attached to deciding the shape of your artwork. Read through our expertly detailed guide to make out the correct shape for your wall arts.

  • The tried and true classic option: One piece canvas
  • For the rule breaker and trendsetter: Two pieces split canvas
  • For a more contemporary outlook: Three to five piece multi panel canvas
  • If you plan to make a statement: Seven pieces hexagonal canvas

When deciding on the shape of your artwork, your choice of canvas is an essential factor to consider and there are two namely;

Framed Canvas: there is a small space between the canvas and frame; this tends to give the artwork a different and unique look. Framed artworks appear finished and polished, simple, and light, hence a clean appearance.

Unframed Canvas: This is an artwork that is not set to any frame. This distinctive feature makes it able to adapt to any sort of style. It creates a unique look when blended with modern furniture and all interior concepts.


  • If you’re inclined to create a gallery wall above your sofa, bed, or another large piece of furniture: the best size is 52 inches by 32 inches. Droop a runs of unequal paintings, and then display them regularly to create a dynamic look on your wall.
  • If it Is your ultimate goal to create a focal point, go with the following dimensions:

Sixty-three inches by thirty-three inches, this is the ideal option if you want a truly oversized gallery wall. This size will create an eye-catching look in any room that has a large, empty wall. Make sure to measure the space before mounting your painting, as this size has the potential to look overwhelming in a room with smaller walls.

  • If you are trying to showcase a little bit of drama: Go with a massive, oversized canvas that measures sixty-eight inches by forty-five inches in height and width. If you want to cover almost the entire wall, you can’t go wrong with these striking dimensions. This option will make your space look dramatic while creating a luxurious look.

If you ever decide to take that bold step toward giving your home a professional makeover, these steps, notes, and tips are the tools needed to transform your space with contemporary art pieces. Elephantstock offers a wide range of articles and tips on the continual growth of contemporary art and aesthetics.

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