Tips For Bug-Proofing Your Home Before Winter

Winter is known for sending pests searching for a home inside to await the return of warm weather. Follow some easy steps to bug-proof your home. Seal your home to prevent them from finding a way in, check all food items and other purchases brought into the house, keep the home clean to avoid attracting bugs, and prevent moisture buildup, including condensation on windows. Prior to taking action on the following items we listed below, you might need some of the services that pest control Pakenham offers it’s local residence. Having the home treated before you seal it is a great idea. You don’t want to trap insects indoors, so eliminate them before you begin to seal the home.

Seal the Home

Bugs only need a small space to get into the home through; this can be a door that is open for a minute too long, a small crack or hole around a windowsill or in the foundation, or a gap around a dryer vent, among others. To keep out bugs, seal all the small ways they can get in with plastic window kits that go around the window frame and block both the wind and any bugs from getting into the house. Seal around the dryer and other vents outside the house and check around window and door frames for small holes or gaps. These can be sealed with a spray sealant.

Check Food and Other Items

Bugs are easily transported into the house through food items and other purchases. Washing and rinsing any things you bring into the home allows them to be inspected for any bugs, and they can be stopped before they build a house and multiply. Any items that are not being washed immediately should be inspected before going into the home, and second-hand purchases should be looked over; clothing and books are especially prone to small bugs and must be checked before contact with your other clothing and books because they will spread quickly.

Keep the Home Clean

This does not mean that it should be neat and tidy all the time, but that there should be no buildup of food or dirt allowed to remain. Sweep and vacuum floors daily or every other day, avoid wearing shoes in the home that are worn outside and dispose of food packaging and scrapes quickly. If any small food crumbs or particles are allowed to remain on the floor or counters, it can attract bugs. Counters should be cleaned every day, and the dishwasher needs to be wiped out weekly to keep down food buildup. Microwaves should be cleaned after any spills and fridges are wiped out regularly.

Reduce Moisture Build Up

Reducing the condensation and any moisture buildup within the home will deter bugs from creating their home inside your house. Condensation on windows and moisture in the air create a welcoming environment for unwanted bugs and pests. Using a dehumidifier will help keep the air’s moisture down and condensation off of the windows. A dry home is not inviting for bugs, and they are less likely to try and find their way in. Running the fan during and after showers is important to clear the moisture and steam from the room.


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